Washing Machine Tank Cleaner Tablet (10pcs)
Washing Machine Tank Cleaner Tablet (10pcs)
Washing Machine Tank Cleaner Tablet (10pcs)
Washing Machine Tank Cleaner Tablet (10pcs)
Washing Machine Tank Cleaner Tablet (10pcs)

Washing Machine Tank Cleaner Tablet (10pcs)

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This Lavender fragrance effervescent tablet is suitable for cleaning septic tanks, front load washing machine, top load washing machine and conventional washers, keep your machine in a safe, neat and organized working environment. Unique Foaming Action Empowers You to Live Your Dream While Your Washing Machine Cleans Itself.

  • EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE: This solid washing machine cleaner has triple decontamination and active oxygen decontamination features which has strong dirt removing performance, can effectively clean the harmful and stagnant dirt even if it is invisible. 
  • ADEQUATE QUANTITY: Comes with 10 pieces of multi-functional effervescent tablets in total, adequate quantity and firm material can support for a long time using or you can share with your friends as a gift.

  • EASY TO USE: Just empty your washer, put 1-3 piece of effervescent table into the drum and carry out "clean washer" cycle, no need to disassemble the washing machine, you can get a fresh and clean washer. 
  • Multi-applications: This is an anti-vibration & anti-slip rubber pad with shock absorber suction cup. Suitable for most washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, table, sofa, bed and other furniture on the market.
  • Works on both high efficiency and non-high efficiency machines: Safe to use with Front Load Washing Machines and Top Load Washing Machines.

  • High Quality Material: The suction cup is made of soft rubber, which can protect the floor from damage when moving, shaking or walking. The main body is made of plastic, heavy duty construct. It is durable under wet or harsh environments.


  • Developed to ensure thorough cleaning of your washing machine
  • Simply place 1 tablet into the drum and proceed with a wash cycle
  • Cleans the filter & internal parts of your appliance including the drum & pipes
  • Powerful formula removes sediments of dirt + detergent residue
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Safe touch water-soluble protective film
  • Suitable for all washing machine brands
  • For best results use 1 tablet each month
Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Orders