Tagaway Corrector Patch

Tagaway Corrector Patch

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Worry no more, this is the fast and simple solution to correct unwanted moles & pesky skin tags while in the privacy of your own home.


  • Proven scientifically to work
Ingredients used in the Tagaway Corrector Patch has up to 99% efficacy rating and is recommended by customers worldwide.   


  • Formula gets deep into the skin

The Tagaway Corrector Patch unlike other products is designed to penetrate deep into your skin.  This unique delivery method help the ingredients work a lot more effectively.   

  • Made with all natural ingredients 

The Tagaway Corrector Patch is made with a blend of advance ingredients, including White Aconitum Carmichalii, Tee Tree Oil and Angelica. 

  • Safe For All Ages To Use
    Despite of the powerful and effective compounds used in the Tagaway Corrector Patch, the Tagaway Corrector Patch is safe to use for all ages.    


  • Size: 5.7cm *8.6cm, Each sheet contains 36 pieces


  • 1 x Tagaway Corrector Patch (36pieces)

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