Powerful Wide LED Headlamp
Powerful Wide LED Headlamp
Powerful Wide LED Headlamp
Powerful Wide LED Headlamp
Powerful Wide LED Headlamp
Powerful Wide LED Headlamp
Powerful Wide LED Headlamp

Powerful Wide LED Headlamp

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The Headlamp - Reinvented

Our founder was frustrated by outdated, clunky headlamps with outdated LED technology. We present you the Powerful Wide LED Headlamp: thanks to the newest COB & XPE LED technology, our headlamp delivers the best visiblity and best battery life currently available on the market.

Brite Beam

230° Wide Angle Illumination & Powerful SideBeam

Our patented curved LED strip offers an unrivaled 230° field of view for the best-in-class illumination area covered. The powerful sidebeam with delivers coverage up to 200m in distance.

Brite Beam

IP6 Waterproof & Impact Resistant

Built for the great outdoors, Powerful Wide LED Headlamp is forged with lightweight yet durable military-grade alloy to last any season & situation with no damage.

Brite Beam

Adjustable Headband

The fully adjustable and flexible headband fits any size head, hard hat and even helmets. Thanks to the light weight, it won’t bounce on your head. No matter the activity, it will stay well secured.

Brite Beam

Wave Sensor Motion Control

You can easily control the Powerful Wide LED Headlamp by waving your hand around the sensor. The light will instantly turn on or off. The wide-beam design allows for bright continuous light coverage. This will eliminate the need to constantly adjust your headlamp to illuminate different areas.

Brite Beam

Built For The Outdoors. Loved By Handymen.

We're not only here for outdoor enthusiasts! Powerful Wide LED Headlamp will help light up the dark when you need it. It's perfect for outdoor activities but also for handymen that could use some extra light.

Superior Technology

  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Bleeding Edge LED Technology
  • Wave Sensor Activated
  • Powerful Battery


  • Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 145 x 43 x 30mm / 5.71 x 1.69 x 1.18in
  • Net weight: 61g
  • Gross weight: 96g
  • Drop test: 1 meter
  • IP rating: IP44
  • LED Type: COB
  • Color temperature (K): 6000K-6500K
  • Operating voltage (V): 3.7V
  • Power (W): 8W
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