Plant Water Funnel (12 pcs)

Plant Water Funnel (12 pcs)

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Keep hydrating your plants even when you are not home! 

Our Eco-Friendly Plant Water Funnel will take care of your plants with adjustable dripping speed. It is specially made for plant watering that has a control valvemanage dripping speed from 0-60s/drip within 15 days.

Create regular and proper watering that directly deliver to the root. You may combine water and plant food in the bottle then the water spike will deliver the ultimate nourishing fluid. 

How To Use:

Simply adjust the valve to save your time and water. You just need an empty bottle to partner with this product.


  • Adjustable valve - The flow rate can be controlled
  • Simple & Convenient - No tools are required for installation
  • Widely compatible - Suitable for brand bottles e.g. Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lipton...


  • Material: PP - Light but durable
  • Size: 13.5 * 2.7cm

Package Included:

12pc *  Eco-Friendly Plant Water Funnel
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