Adjustable Glasses
Adjustable Glasses
Adjustable Glasses
Adjustable Glasses
Adjustable Glasses
Adjustable Glasses

Adjustable Glasses

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Ditch that expensive trip to the optometrist when you can have these awesome Adjustable Glasses! Giving you a crystal clear vision at a way cheaper price and giving you full and absolutely accurate control of these Adjustable Glasses so you can dial out the most accurate setting that suits your grade the best.

Made with premium materials, these Adjustable Glasses are guaranteed to be very premium and high quality. Featuring a flexible frame, these Adjustable Glasses can last you a lifetime!

Literally, as you can just conveniently adjust these Adjustable Glasses if ever your grades need changing, these Adjustable Glasses are a total game-changer and will save you time, money, and energy all in one!

No prescription needed, this Adjustable Glasses can give you a 20/20 vision no problem! Go ahead and grab one of these amazing and convenient Adjustable Glasses now and don't miss out on this!

No need to spend expensive trips to optometrists anymore!

Regular glasses can get lost or break, and your prescription might also change over time! Adjustable Glasses are the world’s latest glasses that give you crystal clear vision with no prescription needed!


Simply turn the dial to adjust the lenses until your prescription is matched perfectly. You can even adjust its focus from the nearest to the farthestfor crystal clear 20/20 vision in seconds.


Made of polycarbonate material and impact-resistant lenses, it has flexible frames that fit heads of all sizes, as well as durable enough to withstand drops and accidental force


No prescription needed beforehand. It could be your myopia glasses, and even acting as a pair of reading glasses! No more big expenses!


  • Self-Adjustable
    You can customize for crystal clear 20/20 vision in seconds. See up close, far away, extremely close, middle distances, any distance.
  • No Prescription Needed
    Continuously adjustable magnification for a clearer vision. No prescription needed beforehand.
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